When It Comes to Your Property,

Sundance Property Management, LLC

Manages, Preserves, and Maximizes Value.

Sundance Property Management, LLC, offers exceptional third party leasing and property management services, successfully managing over 4000 apartment units and 785 mobile home pads across four states. Our management team provides prompt service to ensure the health of your properties and to create beneficial relationships with residents:

Leasing and Property Management

  • Targeted marketing, including multiple websites and social media
  • Receiving calls from prospects to schedule and facilitate viewings
  • Resident screening and selection
  • Move-in: Property preparation, lease and move-in inspection
  • Rent collection, sending out pay or quit notices, enforcing late fees, eviction process
  • Move-out: Final inspection, clean unit, perform any repairs

Maintenance, Repair and Remodeling

  • Dedicated maintenance crew
  • 24/7 emergency services and call line
  • Contact and response for any maintenance or repair over a set dollar amount
  • Manage renovation projects

Detailed Monthly Accounting Reports

  • Balance sheet and operating statement
  • Accounts payable ledger and rent
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Stop Investing Stress Into Your Properties

    You need a property management partner with proven experience. The Sundance* difference is the understanding that, when your assets are professionally managed, your community always benefits. The quality of our property management helps give your investments staying power, creating homes where people want to live, work and play.

  • Building Trust

    Founded in 1993, Sundance*, specializes in the acquisition and management of investment properties. Our growth has happened in various directions, including the expansion of our portfolio across state lines, the growth of our management team to over 100 employees/ professionals, and a recent affiliation with residential property management specialist: PPM Realty LLC dba Penklor Realty.

  • A Beautiful Relationship

    Sundance’s* affiliation with Penklor allows us to continue in our strong track record of commercial and multi-family residential property management, while also branching out into the management of single family homes. This relationship is proving beneficial to both clients and residents, as we are able to provide a depth of services normally out of reach for small businesses and individual investors.

  • Make A Good Real Estate Investment With Us

    In addition to third party property management, Sundance Property Management, Inc. offers joint venture opportunities. Our portfolio includes over 50 real estate properties, including over 4,000 apartment units and 785 mobile home pads across the Midwest and Southeast. Sundance Property Management, Inc., is a managing member of a number of these properties. Sundance Property Management, Inc. utilizes its unique combination of local market knowledge, management expertise, and strong transactional relationships with owners, brokers, lenders, and equity partners to acquire properties.